The romantic duo is now available for hire! Book us for your next special event or upcoming wedding.  Our aerial feats can be performed on our own steel portable rig that is rated to 1,200 pounds or we can rig on location after assessing the structure available. We offer solo performances and freestyle flow to music or choreographed to a song on aerial hammock, silks/fabric, lyra (steel hoop), and rope (corde lisse). Our duets are performed on the aerial lyra, silks/fabric, or acrobatic yoga (no rig or rigging needed with acrobatic yoga).

We are performing again at this year’s Masquerade Party. Get your tickets!

We can customize your event with design, theme and music to fit any occasion. Serving alcohol: let us be your servers as we balance in the air pouring fine wine or aerial shots.

Videos of performances will be coming soon…

Aerial and Acrobatic Performance Pricing

  • Aerial Cirque Style Performance (E.g. 1 Aerialist Act $250+150 (rig)+100 (insurance) = $500) *Optional
    • Choreographed routine: $250/solo performance and $500/duet performance (approximately 3-5 min)
    • Flow to music $150/30 minutes ($300/hour)
    • Rig or rigging for performance – 13’ or higher – $150 transport setup (Billing area) or rigging at location $50/hour
    • Adding location to our aerial insurance $100
    • *Decorating the rig – $200+ (Wedding or special event)
    • *Special Costuming – $150+ (Special event themed costuming)
  • Acrobatic/partner yoga performance
    • $300 for choreographed performance to one song (involves minimum two people always)
    • Intermittent flow to music $150/30 minutes. (no rig or rigging needed, stage or platform preferred as it is low to the ground performance.) Special costuming can be added as above.

Let’s get in contact and create an amazing experience together!