Why Yoga?

I started doing yoga in high school while treating injuries during cross-country, track, and marathon training. I asked a doctor about shin splints and she showed me down dog and 3-legged down dog. I looked into more treatments and stretches and kept finding yoga poses.

Many of my martial arts practices started with yoga-like movements, breathing, and focus. These warm ups were designed to prepare the whole being for some extreme and intense situations. I gradually started doing more of the yoga and less of the running and martial arts.

For a week, I ‘job shadowed’ a yoga teacher in Butte and liked what I saw and learned. I started teaching yoga in Billings as a substitute. Within a week, I’d been offered 2 permanent classes then 4. I joined a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher School as a student and occasional faculty. I graduated and became a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).

Thank you for reading and learning a little more about me. There are many exciting classes coming up and you can check them out on the upcoming events or on the calendar on YungBen’s Yoga page.


Published by YungBen Yelvington

Mat, aerial, and partner yoga teacher and aerialist performer with my wife Dixie Yelvington. Together, we are the owners of Yelvington Studio Inc. and provide services including all ages mat, aerial and partner yoga classes in private, group or corporate settings.

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