The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! We are excited to show you our services. Yelvington Studio Inc. is a new business in town offering yoga fitness and performance art. Dixie and YungBen Yelvington are offering special event entertainment and portable aerial yoga fitness experience.

Best yoga teacher in Billings. Hands down. He is a kind gentle soul with much to share with you. — Cassie Francisco

Published by YungBen Yelvington

Mat, aerial, and partner yoga teacher and aerialist performer with my wife Dixie Yelvington. Together, we are the owners of Yelvington Studio Inc. and provide services including all ages mat, aerial and partner yoga classes in private, group or corporate settings.

One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. YungBen’s yoga session at This House of Books in January was a revelation to me because of the insights I took away. The first was that the shoulder I thought was wonky and unreliable had just fine range of motion. YungBen realigned my relationship with that shoulder, and I’m so grateful. In addition, we rolled tight places on special water balls of his devising and away went a persistent pain in my gluteus maximus. Thank you, YungBen!


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